Blends utilitarian military influence with an eccentric sophisticated individualism. Traditional forms are broken down and reimagined and reconfigured; a theme illustrated by an recurring atom motif. The humble atom, the building block of all matter, serves as an emblem for experimentation.The collection takes the logical modes of dress and infuses them with a dose of the ingenious. Like a mad-cap scientist, the AW17 lineup aspires to understand the world and to then test the possibilities.


Honors the modern-day objectors who reject corporate abuses of power. The habitual complacency dominating our cultural landscape needs disruption. The monetary profit of the few should not dominate the well-being of the environment or of its global citizens. The demand for a continual growth of revenue has become the justification for dehumanizing abuses of power and has resulted in widespread environmental damage. A universal responsibly must be undertaken to expand beyond interests of personal material gratification. In the pursuit of living to our highest actualities, the consequences of our individual decisions upon the universal whole must be given our highest consideration.


"The Emergent Voyager" is a response to the actualities of contemporary life.The speed of passing hours has been radically reconfigured by digitalization. The inconvience of time’s passing hours have been permanently altered.The previous impossibility of instantaneous communication and information acquisition is now a relied-upon actuality. BEAU HOMME interprets these developments in a collection reconfigured for the accelerated rate of the everyday.

An Unencountered Embrace S/S 16

"An Unencountered Embrace" advocates for the expansion of acceptance. The cultivation of a collective humanity is reliant on moving beyond a disengaged, passive acceptance of others and progressing towards a genuine embrace of the "other." Swerving pattern lines and merging halves entwine and embrace in an expression of human connectedness. Indications of human interconnection are further represented by the reoccurring motif of athletes in a huddled formation. This "Embrace" motif achieves a duality of meaning. The figure appears as a flower in full-bloom from a distance; it is only on closer inspection the cluster of interlocked human bodies becomes visibly evident. Mankind's monumental accomplishments and nature's majesty are dependent on the diverse, combined strengths of individualized roles and functions. Through the embodiment of unity, the collection glorifies the merging of bodies and of the glorious resulting potentialities.

The founders of BEAU HOMME, George Bunker and Justin Mansfield, met one another in the workrooms of the London College of Fashion. Since their initial meeting, the pair has worked in tandem to investigate garment construction and to establish a distinctive, contemporary menswear aesthetic. The two entered the fashion domain in a circuitous manner. George, a dual American/British citizen, graduated from New York City's School of the Visual Arts with a painting specialization before going on to exhibit in group shows and to work in the art department of several fashion publications, which led to his securing the role of Gallery Director.

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Justin pursued his undergraduate studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, where he specialized in Graphic Art and Design. He went on to train as a bespoke tailor and later served as the long-term studio/production manager for a luxury fashion house. BEAU HOMME is a London based brand, which re-imagines conventional menswear standards. Dynamic forms are explored by merging together tailoring, sportswear and print. In the reconstruction of the expected, BEAU HOMME offers a broadened scope of personal expression.


Les créateurs de Beau Homme, George Bunker et Justin Mansfield, se sont rencontrés dans les ateliers du College of fashion de Londres. Depuis leur première rencontre, le duo n'a cessé de travailler de concert : ils ont effectué des recherches sur la fabrication des vêtements et sur la création d'une ligne pour hommes originale, contemporaine et esthétique. Les deux jeunes gens sont entrés dans le domaine de la mode de manière indirecte. George, un citoyen anglo-américain, a obtenu un diplôme de l'Ecole d'Arts Visuels de New-York avec une spécialisation en peinture avant de se produire dans des expositions et travailler dans le département art de plusieurs publications de mode,l'amenant à tenir le rôle de directeur de Galerie d'Art.

De l'autre côté de l'Océan Atlantique, Justin a poursuivi le premier cycle de ses études à Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, où il s'est spécialisé dans l'art graphique et le design. Il travailla ensuite comme tailleur à façon puis plus tard servit longtemps de directeur de studio/production pour une grande maison de couture. Beau Homme est une marque basée à Londres, qui re-imagine les standards conventionnels des lignes pour homme. Des formes dynamiques sont explorées en faisant fusionner coupe,vêtement de sports et impression. En réinventant ( refabriquant) l'attente , Beau Homme offre une plus grande place à l'expression personnelle.


BEAU HOMME(ボウ•オメ)の創設者、バンカー•ジョージとマンフィールド•ジャスティンはロンドンカレッジオブファッションの作業室で出会いました。 最初の対面以来、特徴的で現代的なメンズウェアの美観を確立するために二人で並走してやってきました。しかし、二人の経歴はファッションとは離れていました。 ジョージはアメリカとイギリスの二重国籍で、ニューヨークのビジュアルアートで絵画を先攻しました。後、グループショーに出展し、いくつかのファション紙のアート部で働いた経験はその後、ギャラリーディレクターとしての役割を果たして行きました。 その頃、大西洋の反対側、ロンドンではジャスティンがセントラルセイントマーティンズ美術大学でグラフィックアートとデザインを先攻し、卒業後はオーダーメイドのテーラーとして訓練を重ね、長期に渡り、高級ファッションハウスのプロダクションマネージャーを務めていました。 BEAU HOMMEは従来のメンズウェアを再想像するロンドンベースのブランドです。奇抜なフォルムがテーラー、スポーツウェア、プリントと、幅広い分野を駆け巡り、幅広い分野で個人表現のお手伝いを提供いたします。











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